I was called to the Bar in 2001. Since then I have practiced in Family Law, Residential Real Estate, and Civil Litigation.

It is very rare for me not to return a call. Barth Law is dedicated to forming long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients. We do this by placing a strong emphasis on understanding the environments and contexts in which our clients conduct their business, so that we may serve them better. Our clients’ business is our business.

Barth Law specializes in timely settlements in estate litigation, family and divorce law, and personal injury claims.
Our passion, priority, and commitment? Helping you fully resolve your family matters and move forward to a healthy new future.


Barth Law is the experienced family law lawyer who can help you receive fair property division, spousal support and child support after divorce, relationship breakdown or separation.

Wills and Estates

Barth Law prepares a Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive at the same time. I can guide you past common misconceptions in estate planning. Afterwards I can probate your loved one's estate.

Residential Real Estate

Barth Law represents individuals, in matters relating to residential real estate properties.


Barth Law is the experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you with your car accident, SGI and medical malpractice claims.


We believe firmly that strong representation should be equally accessible to everyone.

We're proud to provide expert legal services with an emphasis on individualized care and personalized attention. Family law procedures are complicated, but we will help you understand and deal with them

Concerned about the costs of legal services? Initial consultations are complimentary. Barth Law provides understanding, responsive legal services in Regina, SK.